Add Your Business

Add Your Business

Please note You may already be listed - Please do a search on the front end of the website before duplicating your listing. If in doubt please contact

To register on the ZAWebs Tourism Portal Database please follow the steps below. Once registered you will be able to add or edit your listings on our database.

Before you start please make sure that you have your information ready as well as your photos in the correct format (1000 to 1500 pixels wide/high) available.

Please note - during the registration process you can save the information you have captured by adding basic data to the compulsory fields (indicated by an *) and then clicking on the green CREATE LISTING button at the bottom of the page. This will save your entry. You can then use the "View / Edit your Listings" button to revisit your entry and add more information.

As completion of the form and uploading photos can take time, we suggest that you first complete your information and save it in the manner mentioned, return to the form via the "View / Edit your Listings" button and then upload your photos. This will greatly reduce the chance of the process timing out before completion.

If you do NOT click on the green CREATE LISTING button and then visit some other webpage, your information will NOT be saved and you will need to fill in the form again.

Step 1

Check whether your email address is already on our database. This is important in case you are already on the database via another portal website.  You will be guided through the process from here.

Step 2

Register as a client if you are NOT an existing client as per Step 1.

Step 3

Log in with your user name and password.  If you already have an establishment on the database it will show.  You can then EDIT it to make any changes you need.  If you need to add another establishment you can do so by selecting Create a Listing from the menu at the top right.  

Step 4

Once completed please let us know by email to so that we can activate your listing. This is subject to the approval of the Tourism Portal concerned.  

Changing Information

You can change information and photos at any time by logging in at the top right.  Your listing(s) will be displayed.  Click on the EDIT button beneath the listing and the form with your information will appear.  Remember to click the green UPDATE button at the bottom to save your changes. Please note - If you wish to change the primary photo or change the sequence of the photos you need to contact us by email to

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