Welcome to the ZAWebs Tourism Portal Database

Welcome to the ZAWebs Tourism Portal Database

ZAWebs Portals has developed a number of tourism portal websites for tourism clients as well as for itself. Click on any of the links below to view the site concerned. You may apply to list your establishment/business on any appropriate ZAWebs Portals site but the sites marked as "private" require you to be a member before you can be listed.


There are two main benefits in listing on any of the above websites :

  1. You will have an attractive and comprehensive listing on an authoritative website, well positioned on the search engines.
  2. Because all of the above websites work off a single database, if you are listed on more than one then updating your information here will update all your listings at one go.

Please note

To list on one of the "private" sites you need to be a member. Please first make contact with the site concerned and after your membership has been approved you can use our "Add Your Business" page to submit your information.

To list on one of our own sites you can submit your information by going to the "Add Your Business" page. Activation of your listing, however, will be at the sole discretion of ZAWebs Portals.

Terms and conditions apply to our own sites. For an example visit www.thegreatkaroo.com/page/terms. We suggest you visit the site of your choice and aquaint yourself with the particular terms before committing yourself to listing.

To apply to list on one of these sites please e-mail us at portals@zawebs.com.

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